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Pantalla ACS summit

Our company is specialized in the creation and assembly of stands for national and international events . We have the best materials and functional designs. Avanza Events spent 15 years working in all types of structures or scenarios tailored to your design and budget, as if we were a department within your company. Thanks to our years of experience, in which we constantly innovated both the materials and the design and assembly techniques, we can ensure the best quality finish, regardless of the material it is decided.

We provide stands, stages, exhibition halls, tents,…

Stands for international events

We present you a full service with all your needs for your events, because we have the most modern machinery and technical and human resources to ensure the success of your installation: our experienced team of carpenters, metalworks, painters, etc…, will build up your structure, compleatly customized, always obeying the criterion of its designers. We guarantee the durability and efficiency of all our productions, whether it is a stage, and exhibition hall, a booth, a tent, etc… In addition, we provide

We guarantee the long lasting and eficiency of all our buildings, from stages, exhibition halls, a stand, a tent, etc. In addition, we provide eveything you need for your interior such as furniture, and we can offer all kinds of furniture, lighting and objects, area that we also recomend, graphic productions, 3D letters, audiovisual and sound systems, carpets or electricity. We can also build any type of commercial installations, kiosk, displays or custom made lacquered furniture designs .

In our long trajectory we hae serviced both nationwide and abroad and we have collaborated in fairs and congress in many countries, including France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belguim, Turkey, Dubai, Mexico, Russia, China, Brazil, Portugal and many more

We have designed an installed booths in many cities around the world, including Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo, Zaragoza, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Bilbao, Tenerife, Las Palmas, Hannover, Milan, Frankfurt, Köln, Dusseldorf, Paris, Bologna, Munich, Berlin, Nurember, Lisboan, Porto, Brussels, Basel, Verona, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bejing, Las Vegas and many more. So, we know that it is important that these elements have to be easy to build and unbuild and transport.