Exhibition stand design

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Fairs, conferences and events are one of the most important promotional
platforms for brands and companies. The stands and spaces that are installed
in them, the best business card, as well as a very simple and effective way to get
customers, establish new professional relationships and strengthen the
corporate image of the company. Therefore, it is important that these spaces are
taken care of as much as possible from the beginning, worrying about the most
functional and effective design for the company’s objectives, until its start-up,
which includes considering a large number of aspects, such as lighting,
furniture, the presence of corporate posters, etc.

The design of our spaces is 100% personalized

Stands for trade fairs around the world

Our company can provide you with a comprehensive trade fair stand design service. We can function as one more department of your company for the duration of the event, so we adapt perfectly to your needs, whatever they maybe. We can provide you with the design and complete assembly of stands, marquees, stages, exhibition halls, anywhere in Spain or abroad. In our extensive experience we have set up stands in places as diverse as Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, the USA, Portugal, China, Dubai and many other countries, in the most outstanding events held in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Brussels, Istanbul, Tokyo, Beijing, etc.

We always adapt to the available space, and we can install your stand both in the largest events, which are held in the large conference centers, and in other smaller fairs, where space is more limited. In both cases we guarantee you a solid and elegant space, which will stand out from the competition. We use the best materials and we advise you on the entire process of creating your stand, consulting you on the most appropriate colors and shapes and always following the initial design. In addition, we are specialists in reusable stands. Ask us.