Medical congresses stands

media derma

The medical congresses are an excellent opportunity to make themselves known and to promote the most varied products and services. At these event, which have the best companies and brands in the industry, and in occasions, to promote a particular brand, because the attention is diluted by the presence of so many differentbooths. Therefore, the design is important, because, if we get our stand to be showy, we get to many of our potential customers.

We are specialize in medical congresses

A stand that highlights is not an odd with one that is an elegant and sophisticated booth, and that transmits the values of the company. At Avanza we can provide just what you are looking for, because it is not only that we have extensive experience in exhibition stands for conferences, but we are also specialists in the design and installation of stands for medical conferernces, but we are also specialists in the design and installation of stands for medical conferences, of those we know the specific indiosyncrasies.

Instalations that are made at medical meetings should have certain qualities, of which we can handle, as we take over a comprehensive service in all that relates to stands, from a previous analysis of the space up to all concerning the assembly, which may include carpentry work, painting or electrical installations.

Medical congresses abroad

Our company can build in your space in any place in Spain and abroad, always in a completely customized way. We use the most innovative and durable materials to ensure the durability of all our work and, moreover, we guarantee suitable designs for the activity of your company, always with a touch of modernity and elegance. Futhermore, as they are manufactured in a modular way, they are very easy to build, un-build and for transport, and regarding its strength it allows it to be reused in serveral different conferences, which you will not only gain to save in cost, but also be contribuiting to environmental preservation.