Stands abroad

Alquiler de stands para ferias en madrid

Has your company decided to participate in an event that is held on the other
side of the world? Do you need your stand to stand out from those that will be
installed by dozens of international competitors? You can count on Avanza,
since we can take care of the assembly of stands abroad, regardless of where
the fair or congress is held.

We have stands of all sizes

We are experts in international work, and we have set up spaces for leading companies in the most diverse countries:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • Belgium

  • Holland
  • Dubái
  • China
  • Russia
  • México
  • Brazil

But we do not work only within the European continent, but we can provide our services in any other continent. We offer you a completely personalized assistance for your participation in your congress or fair, from prior advice both for the design and marketing of your stand to a thorough assembly work, which includes carpentry, painting, electricity, labeling or any other services you may need.

In addition, we adapt to all spaces, since we can carry out their installation in the largest international fairs and also in those that require work in less spacious places and not so well prepared for this type of event. Sometimes, you have to set up a stand in places such as hotels and small conference centers, where this work is more dicult. In these cases, we put our extensive experience in solving the most complicated problems at your service. Likewise, we can work in the fastest way, since we adapt to the available times, which are often very short.

Easy to transport stands

The stands that we design are very easy to transport, since we create them with a modular structure, very simple to assemble and disassemble, which also contributes to the speed of our work. It also allows all the material to be reused in successive events and can also be modied to adapt to different spaces. As we always carry out our work in the best materials, we can guarantee its durability. Contact us for more information.