Reusable stands

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The protection of the environment is a concern that increasingly reaches more
aspects of our life. In contemporary society there is a greater awareness that
nature must be preserved, and that, therefore, we must try, as far as possible, to
spend in a more reasonable way the resour ces that we get from it. In our daily
consumption the imprint of this responsibility can already be found and it is
something that is added t o the policy of mor e and mor e companies.

There is an increasing concern about the sustainability of nature

Avanza is an environmentally conscious company , that is why we offer a reusable booth service for all kinds of fairs, conferences and events. Our fully customized
stands will not only mean considerable savings for your company, it will also be able to offer your contribution to the conservation of the ecosystem.

Choosing a reusable stand has many advantages:

  • Es una buena forma de asociar una marca al respeto a la naturaleza
  • Da una imagen más sólida y constante de la empresa, pues se utiliza en varios eventos el mismo stand, lo que hace que los potenciales clientes se familiaricen con la imagen corporativa

  • Sirve para abaratar costes
  • Simplifica la logística
  • Contribuye a hacer un uso más eficiente de los recursos naturales de los que están fabricados los stands

We offer you stands of the best quality, always manufactured with the most modern techniques. We put at your disposal our functional designs, which can be reused for multiple events and which in all cases are respectful with the environment, while being very durable and easy to assemble, disassemble and transpor t. As we offer services abroad, we know the importance of these spaces being very easy to transport and install. In addition, we offr you the logistical support you need, as we have a team of professionals that includes fitters, electricians, experts in marketing, events, etc.