feria Orgatec Colonia


ORGATEC is the leading international trade fair for office equipment and devices, held every two years in Cologne.

The entire international industry exhibits its innovations in furnishing, lighting, acoustics and conference technology.

The target audience is architects, interior designers, designers, investors, etc., as the trade fair also offers further platforms for global communication connections. In the evening there is the “Insight Cologne” tour, where visitors can see the most important offices and architecture in the city of Cologne.

ORGATEC is certainly a fair with a vision for the future, because, as they themselves state: “The impact of the pandemic and the digital transformation have further accelerated the liberation of work from fixed locations and fixed schedules. The office of tomorrow can be anywhere – even in our heads. The future belongs to flexible knowledge workers who work creatively and independently, and it belongs to a working culture that is more than ever based on cooperation, motivation and trust in the spirit of partnership”.

AVANZA EVENTS was honoured to realise two design stands at this year’s 2022 (25-29 October, Cologne), where the focus was on the branding of the two companies and the correct lighting and display of their products: EMOBOOK AND BOLN.

In both spaces, aerial structures (truss) were placed to support the spotlights and projectors, conscientiously planning the points of maximum light exposure to highlight their products.

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