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  • Veteco Madrid
About This Project

Custom made stand in carpentry wood for company Preference. It’s a company faced to the technological sector, this is why the stand was made under a modern and corporative image. We installed a Videowall for different presentations that they made during the fair. Image with great quality in this new edition for Veteco at IFEMA.

We installed LEDS in different places to high up and indicate places to get visitors attention.

The booth was made with different areas: a private area for meetings, a bar where they could have a snack and an area for customer attendance to show them different products they where exhibiting.

To get visitors attention, apart from using corporative colour and a melamine glossy floor defining with colours the areas, we also used a gardener with plans to create a more privacy and a work table that they had near the aisle and a TV to show commercial actions.

The job was effective were we made many works as for Matelec that was held at the same time at IFEMA, as for SIMA event.