Stand Tanna SIMM Feria Internacional de la Moda en Madrid

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About This Project

Like in years before, TANNA fashion company, assisted SIMM (Madrid International Fashion Fair). This event is celebrated twice a year at IFEMA (Trade Fair Institution of Madrid).

As TANNA goes twice a year, each time this event is celebrated, we have made for them a design so they could reuse it and this way they would cut costs on each building up (assembly).

Because of this, we have designed a lacquered stand with big lightboxes, that would close the booth perimetrically, and this way we gave privacy to the inside of the booth.

Inside the stand we put enough lacquered racks with bars to be able to hang clothes that they wanted to display. Lacquered the stand, and apart of reusing the furniture for other events, we gave it a high quality look , and this way difference them from the rest.

On the central part of the booth we also constructed a catwalk to be able to have fashion shows (on the catwalk) every two hours, and this way we got a constant afluence of public higher than the rest of the participants.

To be able to make a more elegant booth and visually saw from every point of the venue, we put a truss (metalic hanging structure from the celing of the pavilion) lined with wood and with the exhibitors name on cut vinyl on each side, so this way we got a quick location of the stand.

The truss also was used to be able to put spotlights on the metalic structure, and this way have enough and good lightening.